Israel Kicks Out Refugees

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The nation of Israel has decided to eliminate Africans from its society. An Israeli politician called Sudanese refugees inside his country a “cancer.”

They are being pushed out. Israel sees them as “infiltrators” and most people there hate them. So they are kicking them out.

The American one percent turns back on world suffering

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The recent Occupy Wall Street movement has raised numerous questions concerning the ruling power in America. Most people ask the prominent question about who rules America? The imbalance of economic power in America has brought forth questions concerning who decides for the country and who represents the middle and poor class. It is only recently that people have come to terms with the new vocabulary of the American one percent While there are some who still do not know what the word actually implies, there is some vague understanding of how unequal distribution is responsible for the inequality in the country.

It is necessary to point out that unequal distribution of wealth is not a new concept. It has been prevalent since times unknown. Ever since humans built societies and civilizations, the patricians have always maintained positions of authority. In contemporary times, it hurts to say that America has worsened the economic gap between different social classes which became prominent after the Great depression. When compared with other rich nations, America has not managed to bridge the gap between the rich and poor classes. As already stated, it has increased the gap, thanks to its ruthlessly capitalistic nature.

Did you know that the one percent in America have an average annual income of $717,000? It is comparatively higher than the annual income of an average America which is $51,000. These are just the figures. The disparity is not eminent in the varied income levels but in the net worth. The one percent Americans is 70 times the worth of the average Americans. Those who fall in this category are lawyers, politicians, surgeons, doctors, chief executives and the list goes on. The disparity does not end here. If you did not already know, there is also a subset within the one percent i.e. the 0.01 percent Americans whose average incomes are 540 times the national income average. You can easily conclude that these aristocrats are responsible for more than half the wealth of the nation.

Americans have been blinded with the idea that everybody in the country has access to equal opportunities. People generally conclude that success is a product of hard work. In this case, however, it is not true. While Americans have successfully increased productivity by 80 percent since 1979, it must be noted that the average income has not increased much. A chief executive of a company earns more money in bonuses alone than an average worker. Surveys have revealed that the bonus that corporate executives receive, they are worth the salary for 62 employees. This also explains the lack of job opportunities and the dissatisfaction among the lower classes over their wages. They are not being paid enough.

Average Americans are clearly unhappy with the control of the one percent. The military industrial complex is draining away the nation’s wealth. They are expressing their resentment over economic disparities through activism. If this difference continues to grow, which it will since nothing is being done, the Karl Max theory will come into action. The poor will revolt against the rich to change the social order.

30,000 Syria War Refugees Are On The Move

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According to the UN 30,000 war refugees have fled Syria and moved into Iraq. So Iraq has been destroyed from the Iraq war and people are leaving Syria to go there.

That is how bad it is in Syria now.

Half of these refugees are children. Refugees said they were fleeing recent air raids and violence among various factions, the collapse of the economy, and what is now simple living hell.

More shelters are needed. The camps are full. These people need your help.

You can donate and help these people by contacting the United Nations Human Refugee Agency.

Please do something to help these people. You must have a heart.

Why We Should Put An End To Atomic Bombs

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Until this day, Hiroshima and Nagasaki would still be associated with atomic bombs. The very mention of these places will immediately send to our minds images of the gigantic mushroom cloud and the horrendous aftermath it left behind. Thousands of people died and more were injured, but millions of people would continue to suffer the aftereffects brought on by the Hiroshima and the Nagasaki bombing even after decades later.

We need to end atomic bombs, because if we ever have a big nuclear war we will have nothing but a world of war refugees. It is the military industrial complex that makes money off of the construction of atomic bombs. But we all live in danger from it.

To begin to understand what the atomic bomb really did to those Japanese cities is almost impossible. The repercussions were beyond the deaths of people and the massive destruction of buildings. It did not even stop at that time period. It’s not the same as hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions or any natural calamities, where people are able to pick up the pieces after a couple of weeks or a month. The effect of the atomic bomb will be experienced not only by the present generation but by every generation after.

Decades after the atomic bombing, people are still suffering the consequences – with children being born with physical and mental abnormalities. The most common effects of being exposed to high amounts of radiation are deformed bone structure, missing limbs, undeveloped organs such as heart and lungs, deafness and blindness, and severe brain defects.

Iraq War Refugee Wins Lottery

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Yes the news isn’t always bad for a war refugee. This man who had to flee from Iraq’s civil war and come to the United States just hit the lottery.

He may be the luckiest refugee in the world.

You can read all about his luck ticket in a story published here.

Syria War Refugees Going Through Hell

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The Syria war is getting bad. Both sides are killing each other and many nations are supporting one side or the other. The United States, the CIA, and Mossad are backing killers. But so is Iran. Both sides feed off each other and kill innocent people.

You can see the action in the above video.

People are fleeing Syria as refugees. They have nothing else to do.